CAL Core Values

We are team players

Being a member of the CAL team means we have each other’s backs. CAL provides the resources and guidance, and each member of the team provides the know-how and personality. Together, we set everyone up for success—and we have fun while doing it.

We treat everyone with the utmost respect

At CAL, we believe respect is king! Because everyone deserves it. This value is paramount among our colleagues, clients, and our strategic partners. We all come from different experiences and different backgrounds, and we see those differences as a strength we can all learn from. No matter the situation, clients and their trusted advisors can always count on the CAL team to be professional, responsive, kind, and courteous.

We deliver an extraordinary client experience

When it comes to our clients, we are truly advisors that represent them—not the insurance company. We do not take shortcuts rather we take extra time & care to make sure our clients have a “10+” experience that is not just ordinary, but extraordinary. 

We work smart and achieve excellence

The saying “Work smarter” truly applies to us. We invest in technology that helps our colleagues and clients improve efficiencies. We know that by using these tools and creating collaborative relationships both internally and externally, we are able to achieve and deliver more. When we work together, we deliver peace of mind and set the standards of excellence.

We seek innovative solutions

What works for one client may not work for another. Instead of offering the same old solutions across the board, we challenge ourselves to seek new ways to provide value and bespoke solutions. We encourage our clients to consider alternatives to “the way it’s always been done” so we can deliver better outcomes.


Complexity, simplified.

Insurance can be complex, complicated, and difficult to understand. When experiencing such a level of difficulty, it’s not uncommon to put it off, ignore it, or will it away. But we know it’s too critical for a business or a family to let that happen. There’s too much at stake to ignore it or to accept a cheap solution just because it’s quick and seemingly easy.

At CAL, we also make it easy for the client, but we create comprehensive solutions that provide them all the protection they need. We break down the complex into a simplified program, educating the client and ensuring they both understand and get the greatest value from their investment. We listen to what they say, as well as what they don’t say, and we tailor solutions to their individual needs. When we treat clients with this level of service and respect, it leads to quantifiable client loyalty.