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When Cyril Anthony Lagomarsino first opened CAL Insurance & Associates in 1927, the city of San Francisco was just modernizing its gas street lamps to electric lights and Model Ts were just beginning to back up at Van Ness and Fell. (CAL stands for Cyril Anthony Lagomarsino, not California). Much has changed since then, but some things remain the same: San Francisco is still a modernizing city with a lot of cool cars and CAL Insurance remains as an independent insurance advisor committed to personalized insurance planning

Whether it’s a Model T or a Tesla, on the East Coast or the West Coast, CAL Insurance advocates for rock solid insurance solutions. We bring more than 90 years of experience to advising and creating comprehensive protection for individuals and families with ample resources.

Today, CAL is quick to innovate to address clients’ modern needs, however we stay committed to remaining privately owned. Our independence, plus decades of experience, allow us to provide insightful, transparent risk management advice with a refreshing dose of personalized attention.

Clayton Hauge and the team
CAL received an award

Privately owned and proud:

Our independence is not something we take lightly. In fact, it’s the cornerstone of how we work and what allows us to serve our clients best.

One of the biggest benefits of being Privately Held is that we are not impeded by layers of red tape to resolve issues important to you and our organization.

Instead, we move with agility providing each client with direct access to their advisory team.