Work From Home Wellness Safety Tips

CAL’s worker compensation risk & claim management partner, ESM has prepared a safety tip letter that both employees and managers can use.   This can be used as your next staff safety meeting topic and also includes an attendance form for your safety files.

Link to the full ESM safety tip document (includes attendance form):

Work From Home Wellness_Safety Tip

Safety Tips of the Month

Work From home Wellness

Never before have workers telecommuted on such a large scale. Millions of people are trying to work from home — if possible and it is important that this new WFH workforce is adequately prepared. Here are a few tips and wellness ideas to help optimize your WFH career.

Work From Home Tips:

  1. Get your Tech in order (e.g. workstation equipment, including webcam and apps such Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Slack
  2. Ensure your internet bandwidth is sufficient
  3. Create a schedule for kids
  4. Communicate and manage expectations to family and colleagues
  5. Stay connected

Emotional work from home wellness ideas, include

  • Take breaks throughout the day
  • Utilize free meditation and yoga apps

Physical Wellness Ideas

  • Ensure your home workstation is set up ergonomically ask your HR team for assistance
  • Incorporate ergonomic training into your daily schedule, e.g. head rolls, wrist rolls, finger extensions, hand grips, exercise ball
  • Go outside every day for fresh air and sunlight
  • Eat healthy foods and snacks such as fruits, nuts and vegetables
  • Drink lots of water (set a reminder if necessary)
  • Stand up and move around frequently, e.g. during calls, during breaks
  • Set exercise goals and consider new routines, like stretching, yoga, walking and biking
  • Learn something new, e.g. cooking, language, coding, industry designation. Explore websites like:,
  • Maintain regular sleep schedules, targeting 7 – 8 hours a night
  • Maintain or create a schedule for children. Engage in new family learning lessons, e.g. STEM exercises and experiments
  • Ensure family understands and respects your workspace
Use your normal commuting time to prepare healthy foods, pre-work walk, read a new book or learn something new. To prevent isolation anxiety, stay connected with colleagues, customers and friends using video calls.

Home Office Wellness Ideas

  • Create a space dedicated for work only and that has some privacy
  • De-clutter your workspace
  • Use your normal commuting time to prepare healthy foods, pre-work walk, read a new book or learn something new
  • Incorporate normal going to the office morning routines. E.g. get up, get ready and dress appropriately for video calls
  • Take a lunch break
  • Keep regular work hours and office routines
  • Share work from home ideas and resources with colleagues to keep engaged

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