All CAL Departments Update – August 2021


Preventing Turnover Post-pandemic

Turnover is a common occurrence throughout any given year. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, turnover rates fell dramatically. Now, a significant number of employees are unwilling to return to the status quo that was established pre-pandemic. That’s a major reason why experts predict a “turnover tsunami” coming in the latter half of 2021.

What Employees Want Post-pandemic

Generally, workplace survey data from the past year illuminates some commonalities between worker desires across industries. The following are some of the most coveted changes workers are looking for post-pandemic:
  • Flexible work options
  • Protection from burnout
  • Competitive compensation
Considerations for Employers
To stay ahead of these trends, employers will need to look inward toward their unique employee populations and determine what’s important to them. This inquiry may include surveying employees to learn about what they are looking for. To help meet the demands of a workforce, employers can consider implementing changes, such as:
  • Providing remote or hybrid working arrangements
  • Providing flexible scheduling options
  • Adopting or expanding employee assistance programs to help with mental health and burnout
  • Increasing compensation or bonuses
  • Having managers meet more frequently with employees to discuss challenges and concerns openly

Each organization is unique, and its employees may have varying opinions about what they value.

Commercial Lines:

Webinar: “You’ve Been Hacked, Now What?”

The presenters discussed recent news making ransomware attacks on government agencies as well as fortune 500 companies. These are entities you assume have the best IT security in the world but were easily targeted because of vulnerabilities found in their network or phishing scams.

The webinar reminds us that anyone can fall prey to these “bad actors”. Not only do we need to be vigilant with software updates and vulnerability scans by professional IT managers but also there is a need for Cyber coverage. Anyone that uses a computer is a target and should have Cyber coverage.

Be sure to view the video on our blog & to reach out to your CAL advisor about Cyber coverage.

Private Client Services:

The fire season is off to an early start in the west and the Private Client Services team at CAL is working diligently to keep our clients informed and to assist with claims handling. The Dixie Fire is the largest of nearly 100 major wildfires burning across a dozen Western states, including Alaska. The wildfires, in large part, have been fueled by high temperatures, strong winds and dry weather. Many insurance companies are reviewing their exposures in pockets of CA and realizing they have more exposure than they want in many areas. This has caused thousands of homeowners to receive non-renewal notices and many more to receive major rate increases. CAL’s Private Client Services team has added  more staff and more market access to assist clients that need to replace coverage. We never thought we would say this, but getting a renewal with less than a 20% rate increase is actually a victory for CA homeowners this year. Our thoughts are with all of those that are facing daily evacuation warnings and orders and those that have lost their homes and/or businesses.

Breana McConnell and Clarice Lawrence joined CAL in early July and are assisting with marketing and servicing for our clients. Breana brings several years of insurance experience with both an independent agency and Allstate. Breana is leading our marketing and remarketing efforts to find the best coverage solutions and pricing. Clarice is managing the day to day service needs for many of our valued clients. Clarice has worked directly with Private Clients for over 6 years and is very familiar with all of CAL’s insurance markets. We are thrilled to have Breana and Clarice join the team and know you will enjoy working with them too.

Please stay safe this summer and let CAL’s Private Client Service team know if you need any assistance. Follow this link to our carrier claim departments should an emergency arise. CAL Insurance – File a Claim (