All CAL Departments Update – November 2021

Complex Health Benefits Can Hinder Employee Success

Health care is rarely straightforward for the average consumer. Many individuals need help making sense of their options both during open enrollment and when receiving health services. In fact, 8 out of 10 people said they faced challenges when receiving care, according to a recent study from Quantum Health.

According to the study, the vast majority of consumers have reported facing hurdles in the past two years when receiving care. These challenges include issues understanding coverage levels, locating providers and navigating the insurance claims process. Issues like these were compounded for individuals with chronic conditions—90% of whom said they faced additional challenges, such as making sense of diagnoses or test results.

Employers spend a lot of time tailoring their health benefits to ensure they meet the needs of their employees. But, if only half of those employees can effectively use such benefits—let alone understand them—then employers may need to refocus their efforts. One of the best ways to help reduce employee confusion and maximize benefits value is through education.

Reach out to discuss a benefits communication plan and secure health literacy resources for your employees.

Business/Commercial Lines

The cyber insurance marketplace continues to be challenged not only here in the United States but also globally. Many seasoned insurance professionals will agree that these market conditions are the most volatile we have ever witnessed. Time was that a simple one page questionnaire was all that was needed for many businesses with revenues below $50M in order to obtain an outstanding cyber insurance program at a very reasonable price point. A recent quick read published by Business Insurance can be found HERE and outlines the reasons for the unstable market conditions. Price points are increasing rapidly, coverage limits and language may be decreasing and underwriting has become much more stringent.

Private Client Services

The Private Client Services team is thrilled to see the end of the wildfire season. It is now time to prepare for the winter months and the holidays. While fire continues to be a major cause of loss, water damage still heads the list for homeowners. Following this link to read more about PURE Insurance nationwide homeowner cause of loss results on pages 42-43: 2020 Report to Members | PURE Insurance

To prepare you home for winter, we strongly encourage clients to consider installation of low temperature monitoring devices, water flow alarms and shut-off valves. For DIY projects, replace all rubber hoses with steel braided ones on toilets and washing machines and ensure that roof gutters are clear of debris. Follow this link to learn more information from Chubb Insurance.

As we wind down the year, the Private Clients Services is starting a search for our next teammate. If you know an outstanding professional with expertise in personal insurance matters, please let us know or have the candidate contact Diane Beatty, Managing Director, at