How to Prevent Your Home From Water Damage This Winter

Prepare your home for winter with a water shut-off device.

Water damage is one of the most disruptive causes of loss your home faces. The risk is amplified as the winter months bring freezing temperatures, heavy snow and an increase in the likelihood of power outages. And, the risk is even greater if your home is unoccupied.

Prevent one of the most costly causes of loss with a water shut-off device. Most devices make it easy to monitor and control water flow from your mobile phone, allowing you to act quickly if a leak is detected or if temperatures drop below freezing while you’re away. We can help you select the one that’s right for your home and needs, and you may qualify for a discount on your Homeowners premium by installing a water shut-off device.

Additional advice to reduce the risk of water damage. From your basement to your attic, our risk managers recommend taking these steps to prevent water damage at your home.

An important note about generators. We typically recommend the use of an automatic generator as an important step in preventing water damage. If you do not yet have a generator, the lead time for purchasing one is significantly longer than usual (a minimum of six months). So make plans now for next year.