Webinar & Video: How to Properly Complete your OSHA 300 Form

Webinar Recording:


Our workers compensation claim & safety management partner, ESM Insite will be hosting a webinar on how to properly complete your OSHA 300 form on Thursday, February 18th from 9a to 10a PST.

As you should be aware, your Cal/OSHA Form 300A Summary must be posted (“in a visible location”) from February 1st, 2021 to April 30th, 2021, EVEN IF no work-related injuries or illnesses occurred during the year.

Over the past month ESM has noticed several discrepancies on the 300 logs, especially related to COVID recordable cases. To record – or not to record, that is the question!

ESM_How To Properly Complete Your OSHA 300 Form_02182021, CAL

To register for this webinar, click HERE
Key discussion points:
  • How to properly complete your OSHA 300 and 300A.
  • COVID recordable case requirements (do you include quarantine days?).
  • How to submit your 300A to Fed/OSHA.
  • How to use the OSHA 300 day to establish lost day and temporary disability goals.
    • We’ve got an actionable tool for you.