New Employee Onboarding – CAL can help!

New employee onboarding is the process that introduces your new hires to staff and management, review the company culture and to the workplace(or virtual) environment.  CAL Employee Benefits Group can help you structure an engaged tech forward onboarding process.   Your goal is to familiarize your new employee with your company and create a positive first impression.  Make it a great first day & week to improve retention.  We can design a plan that integrates onboarding & all your employee benefits enrollment.

New Employee Onboarding Checklist


ur onboarding process should begin with planning ahead for your new employee’s arrival. The following checklist will help things move smoothly for your new employee:

  • Notify everyone in the new employee’s department that a new person is starting.
  • Assign one of your enthusiastic employees to show your new hire the technology tools, make introductions via Zoom or Teams, and respond to any questions. This is a great way to put your new employee at ease.
  • Encourage the team to welcome and support the new employee with messages, calls, texts or invites to intro meetings.
  • Set up the new hire to electronically complete the onboarding documents – I-9, W-4, Direct Deposit Form, Confidentiality Agreement, Enroll in all Employee Benefit programs, other required documents.  The CAL Employee Benefits group utilizes best in class technology platforms to make this process really easy.
  • Set up access to the company’s network, technology, email, slack, CRM and communications system.
  • Send company swag to your new hire.  Make sure your get the correct shirt size.
  • Develop a training plan to ensure that the new employee’s first few months go smoothly. CAL has a Learning Management System to make this really easy.

Organize a list of key people (i.e., team and management) your new employee should meet to get a better understanding of everyone’s roles.

The duration of the orientation program can range from 2-3 hours to several days depending on the amount of information and complexity of the job. But be careful to avoid overloading your new employee with too much information on the first day. The best way to measure the success of your program is if the new employee has enough information to feel confident and productive.

Follow-Up to Your Onboarding

Set a time for informal meetings with the new employee. These allow you to ensure that their introduction to the workplace has been successful. Also, you can fill in any gaps that have been missed or answer any questions.

Evaluate Your Program Regularly

Your company’s onboarding program should be evaluated routinely to make sure you are keeping up with workplace policies, practices, and changing staff needs. When possible, get feedback from those who have gone through onboarding to see if you can improve your company’s program.  Set up weekly or monthly check in meetings.

Please contact John Ryan or Jonathan Marquez