Porch Piracy and What You Can Do About It – Tips for Smart Living from Kemper

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If you’re shopping online, read this first.

If you’re among the millions of consumers who will be letting
their fingers do the shopping this holiday season, beware of
“porch pirates.” These are the thieves who find it lucrative to steal
packages delivered to residential doors.

Here are some tips to thwart the bad guys:

  • Sign on the line. When arranging for shipping, you may be able to indicate
    “signature required.”
  • Pick it up. Arrange to pick up packages from retail stores or shipping companies near you.
  • Track it. Many shipping providers offer a way to track your package’s transit, which will give you a good idea when it’s expected to arrive. For example, the U.S. Postal Service offers the free informed delivery service for tracking packages.
  • Lock it up. If you receive a lot of packages, consider investing in a lockable dropbox.
  • Find the right spot. Direct the shipping company to leave the package in a
    sheltered area, such as behind a plant or on a side porch.
  • Light a lot. Install motion-activated lights outside, which can deter thieves.
  • Saved by the bell. Consider a smart bell, which is a door bell with a camera. This would enable you to keep an eye on visitors.
  • Neighbor needed. If you’re expecting a package while you are out of the house, ask a neighbor to retrieve it.

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