Webinar: Got Leaks? What Every Property Owner With Water Damage Must Know Now!

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DATE: October 27, 2021

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California just got hit with the strongest storm ever to hit the west coast. Extreme weather like this typically reveals what could be very expensive problems with your property–whether you own a commercial building, apartments or just your own home. Those problems frequently involve water intrusion, through windows, roofs, doors, or foundation, and structural issues.

Water leaks in buildings can be one of the more expensive problems to detect and fix. They may put you on notice that you have legal claims against whoever sold you the building or a past contractor. They trigger insurance-related issues that can also get complicated. These issues can potentially involve up to millions of dollars, even if it’s just a single family home and certainly if it’s a commercial building.

Leaks can be extremely serious if not attended to promptly and properly. They can lead to hazardous mold and dry rot conditions that tend to worsen the longer they are left untreated. The more you procrastinate in dealing with these problems, the more difficult it could become to enforce your legal remedies against the responsible parties and/or get the insurance benefits you might otherwise be entitled to receive.

To help you understand the important steps to deal with these problems, Lerman Law Partners, LLP will be providing a webinar, accompanied by insurance expert Marc Dorneles, Vice President of CAL Insurance & Associates, Inc., to answer your most pressing questions and to teach you what you need to know:

  • The 10 most important answers you need to effectively handle your water damage
  • The 4 steps you MUST take immediately to put yourself in a strong position to maximize your dollar recovery for your claim
  • 6 of the biggest mistakes to avoid–any one of these could prevent you from recovering any money for your claim
  • Potential sources of recovery for your claim
  • The analysis you MUST go through before you file any claim

And much, much more!!