Webinar Video: An Employer’s Reference Guide to Managing COVID-19 Regulations + Q&A

Did you miss our latest webinar with ESM?

If so, see below for our recorded webinar on the 2021 Employer Reference Guide to managing COVID-19:

COVID-19 2021 Reference Guide (PDF/Slides) can be found HERE

Topics Discussed:

The COVID-19 virus along with the ever-changing regulations continues to create challenges for California employers. Join the ESM team for a one-hour webinar where we will provide a guide to navigating the regulatory complexities. The first half of the webinar will cover the latest regulatory updates. The 2nd half will be dedicated to client questions and answers.

  • Senate Bill 1159
  • Assembly Bill 685 (effective 1/1/2021)
  • Cal-OSHA’s 3205 COVID Prevention Regulation
  • Governor Newsom’s December 14t, 2020 Executive Order (changing quarantine periods and testing)
  • FFCRA Update
  • Q&A – employer provided pre webinar