Your employee has tested positive for COVID…. What do you do???

Please join Joe DeLucchi, from CAL Insurance and ESM INSITE featuring Abe Jabhan, JD & Anthony Poston, ARM to review strategic measures you can take to minimize the impact of a positive case on your company.
Date: Tuesday, September 1st
Time: 9:00 AM PST
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As we navigate through this unprecedented time, COVID-19 positive cases are becoming more common in the Workers’ Compensation environment. Thus, employers need to be prepared if an employee in their organization tests positive.

In this webinar, we will discuss current regulatory requirements and a preventive road-map to mitigating COVID-19 exposures as well as managing potential outbreaks.

Specific topics include:

• Workers’ Compensation reporting requirements for COVID-19 cases
• COVID-19 claims and their impact on X-Mods
• Reviewing return to work criteria across the “Symptomatic Positive” to “Asymptomatic Untested” spectrum
• Reviewing Cal-OSHA’s “Reportable” and “Recordable” requirements related to COVID-19 cases
• Required actions taken from the CDPH Employer Playbook for Safe Reopening
• Employer COVID-19 case study, recommendations and outcomes
• Pending California Legislature regarding COVID-19