Employer Best Practices re: COVID-19/ Wednesday Webinar Recording / Supplemental Materials for Employers

Employer Best Practices (COVID-19)

On Wednesday CAL, in partnership with ESM, co-conducted a webinar for our clients, referral sources and prospective clients giving a clear and effective way for employers to implement and manage an exposure control plan.   Attached is the sample plan, the material to share at your next safety meeting (both in English & Spanish) & a sample memo for your use to employees regarding COVID-19 in both English & Spanish.

This link is the work comp decision tree discussed during the webinar (& it is editable as well):   https://www.esminsite.com/s/Work-Comp-Coronavirus-Decision-Tree_2020.pptx

We have also set up a Slack channel https://esminsite.slack.com/archives/GV1T98M5H that has these materials.   More will be added in the future too as this is an evolving situation.

Supplemental Materials for Employers:

Business Preparedness Checklist_2020_SAMPLE

Coronavirus_Safety Tip_English

Coronavirus_Safety Tip_Spanish

Exposure Control Plan Webinar Slides_03112020_CAL & ESM

MEMO to all employees_Company Name_COVID 19_SAMPLE_ENG & SPA

Work Comp Coronavirus Decision Tree_2020

Please feel free to share this information with others.